Procedure for Application of Free Remote Sensing Satellite Images under the Category of Education and Research

1.  Applicant:

Lecturers of local institutes of higher learning who intend to use remote sensing satellite image in their teachings and academic research;

    b. Malaysian students undertaking graduate or postgraduate studies in local institutes of higher learning. Data order form must be submitted along with Borang Maklumat Pelajar (which is only available in Bahasa Malaysia), supporting letter from the course's supervisor and summary of academic research project; and
    c. Faculty Dean or Librarian of the local Higher Learning Institutes for application of restricted remote sensing satellite images by their lecturer or student.
2.  Application is subject to approval by the Director General of Malaysian Space Agency;
3. Application for multi-temporal data is limited to three (3) dates only and the maximum data size is according to the type and resolution of satellite data as specified below:

Very high (<1m) : 5km x 5km


High (1m to <5m) : 10km x 10km


Moderate (>5m to 10m) : SPOT - 30km x 30km and Radar - 25km x 25km


Low (>10m) : Landsat - 180km x 180km, SPOT- 60km x 60km and Radar - 100km x 100km

    If the size of data exceeded the specified limit, payment will be imposed.
4.   Application is limited to readily available data in MYSA's archive only and does not include new data acquisition. Satellite image processing such as geometric correction is to be done by applicant;
5.    The data delivery period is subjected to the period specified in the Client's Charter. In general, it takes about 5 to 10 working days; 
6.   The application for restricted remote sensing satellite image must be made according to the procedure under the Security Circular on Classified Geospatial Documents. Applicants must go through a security vetting process by the Bahagian Geospatial Pertahanan and the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) which may take between 14 to 30 working days. Application for restricted remote sensing satellite  image must be made using  Borang ’Permohonan Lesen Hak Cipta / Membeli Dokumen Geospatial Terperingkat’ - Borang PPNM-1 (Pind. 1/2008) - which is only available in Bahasa Malaysia, produced by the Director of National Mapping Malaysia, Directorate of National Mapping Malaysia. While application for non-restricted remote sensing satellite image must be made using Application for Non-restricted Remote Sensing Data Form;

Completed form must be submitted to:

      Director General
      Malaysian Space Agency (MYSA)

No. 13, Jalan Tun Ismail

      50480 Kuala Lumpur
8.   The satellite image being applied must only be used for the purpose of research and education as specified in the data order form. The reproduction of image in any form for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited while the reproduction of image in any form for distribution to a third party is subjected to approval from the Director General, Malaysian Space Agency;

Students must return the satellite image to their supervisor upon completion of their project in order to ensure that other students will be able to use the image later. Students are not allowed to keep a personal copy of the image. The department must ensure that restricted remote sensing satellite image is handled according to the provision of Akta Rahsia Rasmi 1972, which is to make sure the image is kept in place which is securely locked and to prevent access from unauthorised people; and

10.   A copy of research report/thesis must be submitted to the Malaysian Space Agency to keep as a reference, and every publication must state "with compliment from Malaysian Space Agency”.