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Space Science


The objectives of Space Science:

  • To plan, pioneer, manage, implement, coordinate and regulate all Malaysia space science research and development programs and activities. 
  • Serve as a space science related reference and relationship hub at the national level to research institutions / government / private agencies.

The functions of Space Science:

  • To plan, manage and carry out space science research and development (R & D) activities in the field of astronomy, astrophysics, microgravity, space physics (science atmosphere), space weather and other related space science activities that can support the space applications and technology development programs.
  • To provide consultation / expertise / technical services in the field of space weather, space objects tracking and observation facility.
  • To plan and coordinate the development of infrastructure and local expertise in the field of space science.
  • To coordinate and manage the Langkawi National Observatory operational activities. 
  • To plan, coordinate, manage and regulate the delivery and research activities on the International Space Station (ISS) by local experts for Malaysia.
  • To be a Focal Point' for all Malaysia's memberships in space science related international institutions (example: IAU, AOSWA, SIDC).